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Apaj, Hajós Major 0725/7 hrsz.
GPS: É 47.0991, K 19.0905

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The  Hungarian Puszta

Dear Visitors, dear Guests,

Apajpuszta is the richest place in rustic traditions of Hungary. It receives the visitors to offer them some new attractive programmes, to make them taste characteristic specialities of the country. It is located about 50 km from Budapest. We wait for the arrival of the foreign tourists and Hungarians as well who wish to rest for a few hours or a whole day in an original territory of the Hungarian Puszta. Our visitors have the possibility of going for a ride by horse-carriage, of attending a horse show, of taking part in a particular ox roasting on the spit and to take a pleasant, candlelit dinner. The Hotel Apaj is suitable for those who wish to have a rest for a few days: we offer them excursions in the National Park of Apaj, horsemanship, walks by horse-carriage, and tastes of the Hungarian kitchen, which will make their stay unforgettable.


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Candlelit dinner 

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Hotel Apaj

Individual expectations


The Hotel Apaj

Th Hotel Apaj offers a pleasant rest to those who wish to ride a horse, to go for excursions in the National Park of Apaj, to play tennis, to have barbacue parties in the open air, or to benefit from the environment, namely who want to have an active rest. Famous for its past, the Castle Hajós, runs as Hotel Apaj at the border of the National Park of Apajpuszta, a paradise of equestrianism.

The school of horsemanship (sheltered or in the open air) provides an occasion to practice to ride a horse for those who want become familiar with this sport. The most professionals are invited for a steeplechasing. In the hotel, the room of the hunters is appropriate for  conferences, for various meetings or other events.

Individual expectations

You also have the possibility of organizing your company conferences in a calm and pleasant environment merely 50 minutes from Budapest.

 - partner meeting, weddings, pig killing feasts
- family meetings
- birthday parties
- product displays

Your participation in the programmes makes it possible to attend an ox roasting or a barbacue, making your stay more pleasant.

Additional programs:

- horse show at day and night
- going for walks by horse-carriage, riding a horse or a donkey in the pen 
- playful competitions




In case of more information, do not hesitate to call us.


+36 30 960 2791


Apaj, Hajós Major 0725/7 hrsz.
GPS: É 47.0991, K 19.0905